Build Neural Networks From Scratch In Python.
Learn to build, train and apply Neural Networks from scratch in Python without any libraries.

What You'll Learn

You'll learn everything you need to get a head start in Neural Networks and apply your knowledge to solve real-world problems!

All The Math

Neural Networks rely heavily on mathematics. You'll learn the math needed to build them so that you can apply it in solving challenging problems.

Neural Networks From Scratch

You'll learn how neural networks work as you build a small neural networks library in pure Python that you can use to solve problems like facial recognition.

Tensorflow Library

You'll learn the basics of the Tensorflow library where you'll build and train neural networks to perform tasks like object detection and neural style transfer.

What's included?

There's more than just the book.

18 Chapters

Everything you need to learn how neural networks function, how to build them yourself, and how to use popular Machine Learning libraries.

Source Code

You'll get access to all the source code that is used throughout the book.


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