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The Ultimate Python Roadmap

First of all, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has welcomed this roadmap (I originally posted it on reddit in /r/LearnPython.

Since it was so popular, I decided to post it here too as posts on reddit tend to get lost in the vast amount of other posts.

Here's a Python road-map to take you from complete beginner to advanced with machine learning or web development. I don't know what area of computer science you're interested in (AI, web dev, data science etc.) but I'd say do everything up to intermediate and then branch off. You'll need everything up to AND INCLUDING intermediate to have any chance of passing a tech interview for a software engineering role at a top tech company such as Google, Amazon and Facebook etc. Hopefully, this provides some framework for you to get started on.

Although I have Web Development in the advanced section, it is not an advanced topic to get into. However, I would say become comfortable with the basics of Python first or you'll just drown in an information overload and not much will make sense. Web development is a very, very big topic so take your time in learning different components of it. Don't expect to understand the majority of that list over-night!

For more of an in-depth roadmap for the beginners and early intermediate stages check out the Table of Contents for Slither into Python.



Advanced - A.I. / Machine Learning/ Data science

Advanced - Full stack web development

Other 'Must Knows'


Intermediate Level Resources

Web Development Resources

A.I / Machine Learning Resources

Online courses:

I am not a fan of Youtube for learning as you're just being hand-fed code and not being given any exercises to practice with so I won't be linking Youtube video series here. In fact I'm not a fan of video courses in general but these two are good.

Most importantly, practice, practice, practice. You won't get anywhere just watching videos of others programming. Try dedicate an hour a day or 2 hours a day on the weekend if you can.

Side Note: If you're going for a job at a top tech company like Google or Amazon then Dynamic Programming and matrix manipulation are 'must knows', I can almost guarantee you they will come up in a technical interview.

If you're still lost in the beginners stage, check the table of contents of Slither into Python to help you out a little further!

Help support the author by donating or purchasing a PDF copy of the book from EJunkie!

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