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* Slither Into Python and Slither Into Data Structures and Algorithms were started as lockdown projects. I published Slither into Python as a free to read online book with the option of a $5 ebook version and Slither into Data Structures and Algorithms as a $10 ebook. Both books received a lot of attention but the hosting company I was using went under in late 2021 and as a result the site went down and I never bothered getting it back online again. However, I still receive emails to this day requesting copies. I give those ebook copies away for free and decided that since it was still being requested, I'd put the ebooks back online completely free of charge. At the time of writing this, Python is on version 3.11. Both books are on 3.7. For a beginner there aren't many changes that should concern you between those versions and both of these books will still serve as great starting points!

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