Slither Into Python: An Introduction to Python for Beginners

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Slither into Python is an introduction to Python for complete beginners. No prior programming experience or computer science background is necessary. Unlike any other Python resources I have found (not that they're not out there), they don't explain important computer science concepts such as memory or "how computers work". In this book I will cover the fundamentals of the Python language and also introduce these important concepts.

Put simply, coding or computer programming is about making computers do what you want, Computer Science is about how computers do it. Each go hand-in-hand, help you learn faster and improve your overall understanding of a language! This book aims to do exactly that through Python.

Thank you to all 65,271 of you!

Slither into Python has been read by 65,271 people as of October, 2020, just four months since the book was completed! Finally, I've had the chance to get around to writing the solutions and they are now available for free also! You can find them in chapter 23!

"This is great! I love the way you explain some of these concepts. It's very clear and concise."

"I'm reading 1.2, and I can already say I love how easy it is to understand so far. It's a lot more comprehensive than other sites I've looked at, which is great for a beginner like me."

"I've only just read through a couple of pages but this is hands down one of the cleanest introductions I've come accross so far. Massive shout-out to you for putting in online for free!"

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